Grand Master Chess

Grand Master Chess 3.4

Play chess against AI and use various tactics to beat it
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Offers the possibility to play chess against an AI with various difficulty levels. Helps users test their knowledge and ability.

Grand Master Chess is an entertaining chess game developed by Fly Games. Grand Master Chess is not only a game, but also an effective tool solution to learn new chess strategies, tactics, rules, as it also lets you study chess games and openings.

With this game you can test your abilities and determine your knowledge status with ease and accuracy. It also lets you select from multiple difficulty levels, according to your skills and experience. Grand Master Chess will also enable you to practice your strategies and special moves in matches against the computer.

The game has a simple and intuitive interface that will win you over with its gorgeous 3D boards. Grand Master Chess has an advanced camera mode that will allow the user to switch between 3D view and 2D view.

Grand Master Chess is a complete choice for any chess players. From basic chess instructions, suitable for beginners, to special chess tips for the experienced players, Grand Master Chess has them all. Grand Master Chess - both entertaining and educative.

Paul Cooper
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  • wide range of difficulty levels


  • full screen only
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